Holistic veterinary Treatments for the Equine and Canine Athlete

McTimoney chiropractic- Acupuncture- Laser Therapy- Nutrition- Barefoot Management- Bitless Riding

Gentle yet highly effective spinal alignment and whole body treatment with the McTimoney chiropractic technique. Results are frequently immediate, patients are generally extremely relaxed after the treatment and show improvement very quickly.

Acupuncture has been shown to be very effective for pain relief, joint and muscle problems and when rebalancing of the body is required.

Laser treatment is available for those needle shy animals (or owners!) and achieves amazing results with treatment of painful inflammations, wound and fracture healing, supportive treatment of stroke patients and many more. 


Introducing workshops and lessons

Do you want to improve your understanding of your horse and dog, but don't know how to start? 

Do you want to join up the dots, but can't find the thread?

Courses at Marlborough Summer School next year will offer comprehensive information and exploration of all aspects of living and working with our horses and dogs. For details please visit www.mcsummerschool.org

One to one sessions are also available where we will assess any aspect of your management you might be worried about. Contact me for a initial discussion.