History with Horses
Work and Life with Horses and Dogs


1986 Qualified as a Veterinary Surgeon from Munich University
1989 PhD in Molecular Cell Biology from Munich University
1989 move to England, since then lived in Wiltshire
1992 Qualification in Acupuncture (A-Diploma) DAAA (Germany)
2004 Postgraduate Diploma in Animal Manipulation (McTimoney College, Abingdon, Oxfordshire )

History with horses:
Always drawn to horses, I managed to keep my first horse against all odds and he came with me to England in 1989.My horses usually 'find' me rather than the other way around and usually have serious problems when they come to me, physically and/or mentally/ emotionally. I am currently with two geldings, 14 and 20 years old respectively, and a 7-year old homebred mare.
I have always felt driven to explore every possible way to improve my horses' life and our connection. I found that there is no better teacher than the horses themselves.

Work and Life with Horses:
I treat mainly horses (and dogs) with the McTimoney technique and acupuncture. I have occasionally taken horses in to work more intensively with them, using groundwork, work in hand and ridden work as well as conventional and complementary medicine, physiotherapy, adjusting nutrition and management as needed.

Work and life with Dogs:
I have owned and lived with lurchers for more than 24 years and can't really imagine life without a dog long-term.

  • Liz Gill (Saddlecombe Stud, Headley, Surrey): I have known Lissy now for more than 15 years and during that time she has treated a string of horses in our yard with both acupuncture and McTimoney manipulation.  She has always improved their way of going and we have all the horses treated regularly as part of their management to keep them in top shape for competing and training.
  • Nicky Booth (Old Peartree Stud): One of our horses, Toby, a 4 year old TB gelding, wasn't suitable for racing, so we sent him away to be broken in as a riding horse. He developed a mystery condition involving severe weight loss from behind the withers onwards, excessive sweating and complete loss of energy. After extensive checks and blood tests we were advised by our regular vet that euthanasia seemed the only option. After 3 acupuncture sessions from Lissy he came back into work and has been completely back to normal, even getting quite cheeky.
  • Peter Jones (permit holder National Hunt racing): I am very much old school and didn't really believe in back people or see a need for them. I asked Lissy because one of my horses really didn't fulfill his potential and always seemed very sore in his back. I really saw the difference and  he's won several races since - after 20 runs without a win! I now have all of my horses treated if I feel they need it and can see them moving so much better straight away after Lissy has seen them.
  • Daphne Wieczorek (liveries, breaking and resting horses): Apart from Toby, whose story is told by his owner above, I have had numerous successes with Lissy's treatments. One of them was a 6 week old foal who went quite seriously lame without showing any indication as to the seat of the problem, ie no heat, swelling or tenderness anywhere. She walked and trotted lame 6/10. After a single McTimoney treatment she trotted out into the field perfectly sound and has remained sound. She also was not traumatised at all due to the gentleness of the treatment.
  • Sally Butler (horse dealer's wife): When my own horse got very depressed, completely lacking any go I feared that might be the end of him. I didn't really believe in acupuncture or certainly not in McTimoney - I thought it couldn't possibly do anything as it seemed so gentle. After just one session incorporating both McTimoney and acupuncture Roland is back to his old self, jumping better than he has for quite some time. I was over the moon.
  • Lucinda Green (Eventing icon): I met Lissy when she brought her two horses to my x country clinics. I really liked the way she handled her very different and quite difficult boys on all occasions. She also helped one rider who had tried to load her horse to go home for more than 3 hours without success. Within 20 minutes this horse walked in and out of the lorry without any problem.
  • Harriet Allen (horse owner, Tedworth Hunt): I have known Lissy for many years both professionally and on a personal basis.Lissy is very knowledgeable and very professional when asked to visit her equine patients and her patients show that she is very welcome, as her McTimoney treatments are of the highest standard; this is very noticeable by the horses' reaction. Lissy is someone I would have no hesitation in recommending to any future client, whether it be equine or human.
  • Amey Veal (Head Girl at Little Park): Lissy was first recommended to me by another vet some time ago for my own horses and a really liked the results and she now treats horses at work.
    Lissy has always been very punctual and professional. Gathering information on the horses history, current information and work load including looking at the horses trotting up, looking at their feet and general confirmation.
    During the treatments I have witnessed all of the horses become very affectionate and immediately relax showing the correct responses to the treatment.
    Lissy is very good on giving after care advise and pointing out the negatives and positives seen in the horse since the last treatment.
    I have noticed a great improvement in all of the horses that have received treatments from Lissy, ridden and lunged after just one treatment and even more so after a series of them. Now the horses have regular treatments it is easier to feel when they are due for their next treatment or just for maintenance. I prefer this instead of letting problems build up and become worse.
    It is also a pleasure to see that all of my horses like to go to sleep for a whole after a treatment with Lissy.
    I greatly enjoy Lissy treating my horses and the contact to see how they are in-between makes it more personal and caring.
  • Biddy Lloyd Jones: Lissy was recommended to me as a Horse McTimoney Practitioner by a McTimoney Practitioner to whom I had been for my own back pain. The bonus with Lissy is that she is also a qualified vet.
  • The problem: 16.2 hh, 13 year old gelding used for Hacking and Dressage, who had been off for some time until bought by me in October. During the time getting fit, he showed stiffness that we worked through in general but was finding it difficult to bend off to the right and was very "wiggly". He also started throwing in the odd buck going into canter. I wanted to see if this was evasion or pain. 

    Solution: As a result of Lissy's chiropractic treatments he is starting to build up muscle, salivates beautifully and gets on with the job instead of wiggling all the way! He is clearly a lot more comfortable and happy in his work.

     The problem: 12.2hh Welsh mountain/arab pony 20 years old. We were given him on loan for my daughter as he had been slightly written off as too old and stiff for much work. Specifically, after rolling, he would take ages to get up, pivoting around on his bottom like a dog sits and eventually heaving himself up. He has always done this as long as we have had him (nearly 2 years). 

    Solution: After 1 visit from Lissy, I couldn't believe it. For the first time ever, he rolled and got straight up. I had to do a double take! He has done it again since and although not perfect every time, he is hugely improved, which makes me feel terribly guilty I hadn't got Lissy out sooner!

    Big thank you to Lissy from the ponies, my daughters and from me xxxx