McTimoney Chiropractic treatment


Laser Treatment


Holistic assessments



McTimoney treatment is a chiropractic technique developed by John McTimoney in the 1950s. He himself treated animals as well as humans. This treatment uses very gentle but speedy adjustments to rebalance the whole body by aligning spine and joints. Due to its gentleness, McTimoney is readily accepted by the animal, but still highly effective. In fact, most horses come to love it and don't even need tying up or holding during the treatment. Some of my competition clients like to use it routinely to improve movement and suppleness, as a sort of fine-tuning to achieve maximum performance.


Common problems treated by McTimoney include:
  • the collection of symptoms known as a 'cold back'
  • bucking
  • tail clamping or swishing
  • general grumpiness
  • loss of performance, especially lack of straightness, refusal to jump
  • uneven wear of shoes, dragging of toes


Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years on both humans and animals. It is generally accepted in orthodox medicine,that acupuncture can provide effective pain relief due to the release of endorphins, but it can also be helpful with problems like:

  • sinusitis
  • neurological problems (headshaking, traumatic nerve damage)
  • muscle strain
  • arthritis
  • hormonal problems

    Laser treatment involves stimulating acupuncture points or simply areas of the body with a hand held laser. Various frequencies can be chosen and specifically combined for maximum effect. Fantastic for patients that will not tolerate needles, laser treatment gets great results treating pain, inflammation, delayed healing and can even be used to calm down particularly fractious patients. Encouraging results have also been seen after stroke in elderly dogs.

     Wondering what a 'holistic assessment' is? It is a comprehensive look at the whole of the animal, taking into account life style, feet (balance, angles, shape, quality of shoeing or trimming), equipment (saddle, bridle, bit, training aids), feeding and more.
    I will always do a short assessment before any treatment as part of the examination.