McTimoney - Acupuncture - Laser treatment - Nutrition




McTimoney chiropractic treatment is generally very well tolerated, in fact many of my patients come to like this gentle and non invasive technique. Rather than rely on NSAIDs (non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs) a McTimoney treatment can sort out the source of the problem rather than mask the symptoms. Puzzling lamenesses that do not show any sort of radiographic changes to the joints are particularly rewarding to treat.

Acupuncture  is often used to great effect to reduce reliance on long term medication and therefore can reduce stress on liver and kidneys, especially in the older dog. The pain relieving effects of Acupuncture are well documented and scientifically proven.
If a dog gets too anxious and tense using needles, the laser can be used to replace the needles in all but the deepest points (the laser has a limited penetration, but is more than adequate for dogs).
Laser treatment has also had encouraging results with stroke patients, apparently speeding up recovery and reducing instability when walking and standing.

 As a fully qualified vet I am in the ideal position to communicate with your regular vet and discuss how both these treatments can enhance and support orthodox treatments he/she might want to prescribe.

I have a special interest in nutrition and can help you to manage a wide variety of diet related problems, from obesity to allergies and behavioural problems.